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Fuel Performance Testing's Technology

Our Sports Testing technology is the most seamless, objectice and reliable athletic testing product on the market. Our completely wireless system allows us to focus more on administration and execution of athletic testing, rather than deal with all of the other variables that are involved in getting objective results in sports.

                Sport Gates™

Rugged, rechargeable, incredibly accurate Sport Gates™ are set up with complete ease. Sport Testing standardized tests using these Sport Gates™ allow reliable, accurate comparisons between athletes. Sport Gates™ use wireless technology to link with any tablet or smartphone and the Sport Hub™ system. Automated reporting reduces manual data errors. Sport ID™ banded athletes allow for Sport Testing Scoreboards and incredibly fast post-combine reporting. Athletes can have their results in their hands faster than ever!

              Sport Hub™
The Sport Hub™ system is a simple network hub that makes recording combine results fast and efficient. Data will be more accurate and reliable. Data and feedback can be produced immediately via live Scoreboards and full reports can be published immediately after the event, not days later. Sport Hub™ software connects gates, scanners, and any combination of laptops, iPhones, tablets to create a complete test management network. This seamless system allows for the data to be left into the hands of the computers, which elimnates the biggest source of error in tests and measurments: Human Error.


              Athlete Lounge


Every athlete tested will be supplied with an online private player’s account. With the push of a button after a combine, you have access to your password protected account. There you can review results, upload stats and highlight reels, connect with other athletes and compare yourself to peers, pros and the biggest competition around: YOU!

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