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Fuel Performance Testing

Fuel Performance offers Combines, Team and Individual testing for athletes of multiple sport back grounds such as Hockey, Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Rugby etc.


Skill Evaluations
Split-second precision is the only way to get reliable data for training and team selection. The current skill evaluation methods on the market today are both unreliable and invalid. Fuel's wireless and seamless SportTesting system is here to fix that problem. All test protocols are developed, tested and true, and our online data base will make player comparisons accessible with the touch of a mouse.






Combine Events
Looking for a new way to bring in revenue? Want the most effective way to keep track of players progress throughout their careers? To host a combine near you, CONTACT US!
Team Testing
What is the unit of measurement to detect a players skill development throughout the season? With Fuel, we beleive that the only true, objective measure of skill is TIME. 



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